Schneeberg site and the miners’ settlement of St. Martin

Schneeberg site and the miners’ settlement of St. Martin
The Schneeberg mountain was mined for centuries, first for silver and lead ores, then for zinc blende or blackjack. In total there are an incredible 150 km of tunnels running under the massif. hundreds of people lived in complete isolation in the mining village of St. Martin at 2,355 metres above sea level, far above the treeline. Intensive mining has had a lasting impact on the landscape and today, the Schneeberg is a major industrial monument located high up in the mountains. The story of mining in the area is told in the showroom near the refuge.

The refuge (refreshments available, tel.: +39 0473 932900) and the showroom are only accessible on foot, either from the Ridnaun Valley or the Passeier Valley.

Open: daily from mid-June to mid-October; the mining area is accessible at all times.

For further information and booking options for guided tours please consult

For guided tours from Ridnaun: +39 0472 764875 –
For guided tours from the Passeier Valley and through the mining area: +39 348 3100443 –

The Schneeberg miners' song "Der Bergmann" (track 21) is performed by the Ridnaun church choir.

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