Memorial Closed Juvenile Detention Centre Torgau

Memorial Closed Juvenile Detention Centre Torgau
The Geschlossene Jugendwerkhof Torgau (Closed Juvenile Detention Centre) was the only closed home facility in the GDR. Young people were to be reeducated here into "socialist personalities" under conditions similar to imprisonment within just a few months. Today, the memorial stands as a symbol for the entire inhumane punishment system of the Jugendwerkhöfe (juvenile workhouses) and Spezialkinderheime (special children's homes), which about 135,000 children and young people had to go through in the course of the GDR's history. It documents the history of repressive home education in the GDR and commemorates the young victims of socialist re-education practices. Historical traces become visible in the former dark cell wing and courtyard area. In addition to seminars and project days, the memorial's educational offerings also include multimedia presentations with guided tours and interviews with contemporary witnesses.

Initiativgruppe Geschlossener Jugendwerkhof Torgau e.V.
Fischerdörfchen 15
04860 Torgau
Tel. +49(0)3421 714203

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Archiv Gedenkstätte Geschlossener Jugendwerkhof Torgau

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Die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien

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