Historical Site of Baruth Glassworks – Arts and craft in the glacial valley

Historical Site of Baruth Glassworks – Arts and craft in the glacial valley
Storm in 1716: Count Solms-Baruth has a his disposal enough timber for the firing of the voracious glass ovens and the production of the indispensable potash. Glass sand could be found in the beautiful dune of ice age origin within the natural reservation of Glashütte. But where to get skilled laborers? To hire them in Thuringia, Saxony, Bohemia, Silesia and even from Italy was the strategy. Glashütte was multicultural as early as the 1800ds.

Hillbillies in Brandenburg. No way and neither in Glashütte. Our village developed since 1830 into a big plant that satisfied the “light-hunger” of the world by production of millions of lampshades and cylinders. The participation at the world exhibitions and the acquisition of revolutionary Siemens kiln technique stands for the cosmopolitanism of the staff. Reinhold Burger was temporarily part of it. Had he not encountered glass production and refining in the Glashütte workshops, we would lack the thermos flask today. In Berlin he became a pioneer of X-ray technology, too (pay the Burger department of the local museum a visit).

New creativity in old surroundings can be found all over the site of the monument. Craftsmen and women add to the 200 years of old manufactory tradition, can be watched over the shoulder and offer unique specimen and small series. Archery, felting, pottery, soap casting, manufacturing of jewelry and, of course, glass-blowing – hands on activities are part of Glashütte just as recreation, art and nature are. Delicious treats can be found in our cafés, the local inn and the wine salon. Visual arts in the best gallery of Brandenburg and the exploring of a wide landscape via skate, bike and hiking paths: You will feel at ease and are welcome to stay overnight.

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