Experiencing Ecosystem Services

Experiencing Ecosystem Services
Telfes im Stubaital
"Experiencing Ecosystem Services”
Ecosystem services are benefits humans obtain from nature, such as clean water, fresh air or food, as well as the protection against natural hazards or the usage of nature for leisure and recreation. Along a footpath (about 2.5 km) in the area of Telfer Wiesen in the Stubai Valley you will find 11 stations dealing with ecosystem services.


The starting point of the adventure hike is in the district of Kapfers in Telfes im Stubaital.

Image rights:
Cover: Johannes Rüdisser
Stations 1, 2, 3: pixabay
Station 4: Rudi Hofer
Station 5: Adobe Stock
Station 6: Andre Schönherr (TVB Stubai)
Stations 7, 9, 10, 11: Johannes Rüdisser
Station 8: TVB Stubai

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