Kneipp and Meditation Path “Hungarian Circuit / Ungarische Runde"

Kneipp and Meditation Path “Hungarian Circuit / Ungarische Runde"
St. Radegund
Welcome to the health resort of St. Radegund, at the foot of the Schöckl (1445m), the landmark mountain of Graz, and about 20 km northeast of the city centre of Graz!

The St. Radegund Spring Trails with their centrepiece the "Kneipp and Meditation Path", also known as the “Hungarian Circuit”, combine the history of the oldest Styrian cold water resort with a fascinating immersion in nature and a meditative experience. Let yourself be guided to 22 artfully designed springs, power places and scenic viewpoints! The three circuits lead through forests, meadows and past cultural monuments. Take with you profound impulses that heal body, mind and soul according to the teachings of Sebastian Kneipp and Vinzenz Prießnitz.

Start and finish of the walk are at the Spa House in St. Radegund, where you can also get the free "Erlebnis St. Radegunder Quellenwege" guide book with culinary tips and a hiking map.

Duration of the Hungarian Circuit is approx. 60 minutes, with the extension approx. 100 minutes.

Further information:

This audio guide was funded by the European Union and the State of Styria under the Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.

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Chapter 27 Monika Farkas
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