Prettau Copper Mine

Prettau Copper Mine
The heyday of the Prettau mine was 600 years ago, at a time when the extraordinary malleability of Prettau copper was highly prized. The galleries, driven inch by inch into the rock using simple tools, are masterpieces of mining craftsmanship. Prettau was Italy’s third largest producer of copper as recently as the 20th century: today, a mine railway leads into the heart of the mine as well as into the climate tunnels, where the air is so pure that people can recover their breath once more.

Open: April to November
Tue-Sun, closed Mondays (except public holidays)
For exact opening hours, further information and booking options please consult

+39 0474 65 42 98

Landesmuseum Bergbau
Florian Wenter
Sepp Hackhofer

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