Favoriten Water Tower

Favoriten Water Tower
Learn interesting facts about Vienna’s water supply and the role played by the Favoriten Water Tower for the 10th and 12th municipal districts. You can find the tower on top of Wienerberg hill. Immerse yourself in the history of one of the most striking buildings in the industrial-historicist style.

Address: Wasserturm Favoriten, Windtenstraße 3,
1100 Wien
Contact: MA 31 – Wiener Wasser
Phone: +43 1 599 59 - DW 31079 oder 31073
Website Wassertum

Stadt Wien – Wiener Wasser
Grabnergasse 4 - 6, 1060 Wien
Tel.: +43 1 599 59 - DW 31079 oder 31073

Image rights: © Archiv - Wiener Wasser, Wiener Wasser/ Novotny, Gotzenbrucker, Fuerthner, Zinner; BDA-Fotoarchiv/ Schmalzbauer; Archiv - Bezirksmuseum Favoriten / Günther Zipfelmayer

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