Vienna Central Cemetery

Vienna Central Cemetery
The Vienna Central Cemetery is the second largest cemetery in Europe. It covers a total area of 2.5
million square metres and is home to around 330,000 graves, approximately 1,000 of which are
honorary graves. In total, three million people of all religious denominations are interred here.

around 1,000 honorary graves
Cemetery church to St. Charles Borromeo
Park of calm and strength
Natural garden
Funeral museum
Coffee shop
Guided tours after registration
Online deceased search & route planning

Opening hours:
3rd of November to the end of February: 8am to 5pm
March and from October 1st to November 2nd: from 7am to 6pm
April to September: from 7am to 7pm
May to August: Thursday open until 8pm

Friedhöfe Wien GmbH
Simmeringer Hauptstraße 339, 1110 Vienna

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