Klostertal Museum

Klostertal Museum
Wald am Arlberg
The aim of the Klostertal Museum is to familiarize the local population and visitors with the history of the valley. The museum intends to provide insight into rural living and working as well as religious and artistic particularities. Lastly, it also strives to depict, in an engaging but somewhat critical manner, the technical achievements for the commerce that shaped the lives of people.

The „Thöny-Hof“, which was originally constructed in 1642 and converted from a house-barn with side-by-side dwellings and a stable to a single-roof barn in 1874, is particularly well suited for providing information and a feel for the life of the farmers in the difficult living conditions of this valley thanks to its authenticity and extensive amenities.

Opening hours and prices:

Arlbergstraße 60a
6752 Wald am Arlberg

T: +43 664 4911 474

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Cover - Doris Burtscher
Museumsverein Klostertal

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