3Gipfelweg with climate adaptation topics

3Gipfelweg with climate adaptation topics
St. Leonhard
On the 3Gipfelweg one has the opportunity to explore three remarkable rock formations with a summit cross in the municipality of St. Leonhard. In the heart of the Mühlviertler Alm information on the impacts of climate change is presented at specific spots. Despite of adaptation and precaution measures, possibilities for the region are shows. Take the chance of exploring something new in the wild.

Gemeindeamt St. Leonhard bei Freistadt
Address: Hauptstraße 9, 4294 St. Leonhard
Phone: 07952 8255 250
Mail: gemeinde@st-leonhard.ooe.gv.at

Thematical design:
KLAR! Freistadt / Traxler
Götschka 5, 4212 Neumarkt i.M.

Image rights:
Cover & Chap. 1-14 Energiebezirk Freistadt / Traxler
Chap. 15 Marktgemeinde St. Leonhard / Messerer

Sound rights:
RORO Soundstation / Rockenschaub
Steingarten 35, 4294 St. Leonhard

This audio guide was financed with funding by Klima- und Energiefonds (KLAR!) and support by national government, regional government and the European Union (LEADER).

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