Historienpfad Klosterneuburg - Upper City

Historienpfad Klosterneuburg - Upper City
Upper City
Not only the fantastic location of Klosterneuburg in the north of Vienna, between the Danube river and the Vienna Forest, makes this city worth a visit. Already recognizable from afar by the towers of the famous monastery, Klosterneuburg also looks back on a long, interesting and exciting history.
This audio guide will provide you with some memorable facts along the history path of our Upper City.

Start: Rathausplatz at the statue of Mary
Duration: app. 90 min, 2 short ascents (max. 100 m in length)

City marketing & Tourism Klosterneuburg
In der Au / FZZ Happyland
3400 Klosterneuburg, Austria
Tel.: +43 2243 320 38
Email: tourismus@klosterneuburg.net

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