Archaeological Trail Bedaium

Archaeological Trail Bedaium
The archaeological route runs through all three municipalities Seeon, Seebruck and Truchlaching – and throughout 4000 years of human history. In the process of creating it, there were deliberately chosen streets that are offside, show little traffic, and thus enable carefree biking and hiking. The route leads from the romans in Seebruck over the Celts in Truchtlaching to the Bajuwaren of Seeon back to the Chiemsee – the “Lacus Bedaius”, named by the romans,possibly after the local lake god.
The starting point of the archaeological route is the forecourt of the roman museum Bedaium. The complete length of the path is about 27 kilometres (16 miles).
Tourist-Information Seebruck
Römerstr. 10
83358 Seebruck
Tel.: +49 8667 7139

Tourist-Information Seebruck, Manfred Mayer, Chiemgau-Tourismus e. V.

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